Motorcycle Fender Guards from Biker's Friend
Biker's Friend Motorcycle Luggage Features

Protect your fender and give the Biker's Friend Saddle Bag a secure place to rest. (Will not scratch) Use either of these fender guards if you have a solo seat with bare fender behind you, or if you don't have a luggage rack.

Phantom Pad Low Profile  - $109.59 (deluxe)
Motorcycle Fender Deluxe Fender Guards from Biker's Friend

Designed to protect the fender when using the Biker's Friend Saddle Bag, (or it CAN be used as a passenger seat.) Measuring 10" long, 3/4" thick, 6" wide, covered in black leather with 6 dual cavity suction cups and neoprene liner.

Fender Guard Deluxe 

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