Your Biker's Friend Saddle Bag comes with two 22 inch bungee cords and one safety cord. The 22 bungee will fit on most bikes where the turn signals are not too far away from the back of the sissy bar. (see picture) Examples of motorcycles where the 22 inch cords work nicely include: HD Fat Boy, HD Dyna, HD Softail, HD Sportster, Honda Shadow Spirit, Suzuki Intruder, Kawasaki Vulcan, and all similar bikes.

When the turn signals of the bike are further back than on the above models, longer bungee cord is necessary. (see picture)  In some cases, you will be better off securing the bungee cord around the back rest rather than the turn signals (see picture). Some riders like the fit and/or looks of this as opposed to looping longer bungee around the turn signals. Ultimately, you must decide on what method of fastening is best for you. Always use the plastic ties, or nylon straps as a safety cable.

It is always a good idea to have spare bungee with you and our bungee cord is better than most for two reasons. It is a marine grade bungee suitable for outdoor use and the clamps are covered with a black shrink wrap material to ensure your chrome will not get scratched. 

The Saddle Bag may be attached via bungee cords that are supplied with the bag, or you may procure your own bungee cords. As each bike and set-up is different, be sure to obtain the appropriate bungee cord should the ones provided not fit properly. You should not have to pull or stretch the cord excessively to get it to fit. If the fit is too tight, or you find it difficult to pull the bungee under/around the turn signals, longer bungee cord is necessary.

All bungee cord products are subject to failure when exposed to extremely high stress, incorrect usage, use over extended periods, and other factors.  Biker's Friend will not be responsible for personal injury and/or property damage resulting from bungee cord failure. The following factors can compromise your safety:  

         Cord is stretched too far: Do not stretch the cord greater than 50% of its dormant length. Example: 22" @ 50% =  33".  Do not begin by attaching the bungee cord to both D-Rings and trying to stretch it over the turn signal. Instead, connect one end of the bungee cord to the bag, then loop it under/around the turn signal, then attach the metal hook to the other D-ring. This prevents over stretching of the cord. Also, remove the bag from the bike when not in use.

         Using the wrong size cords: We provide you with two 22" inch cords. These seem to work on most bikes. However, this length cord is far too short for some bikes and you will have to work through us, your dealer, or another provider of bungee cord to get the right size cord. Call us for details.

         Failure to use safety cord: You must use a safety cable, strap, or plastic tie to prevent the bag from falling from the bike should one of the primary bungee cords break. Use a plastic, reusable tie or a nylon strap in conjunction with the provided bungee.

         Extended use: As this product is exposed to heat, cold, water, sun, and wind, check for fraying, separated fibers, loose connections, and damaged or broken components on a regular basis. It is especially important to replace the bungee cord every six months under regular use and at least once per year under light use. You must inspect your bungee cord with every use.

         Inadequate bungee cord: Do not use bungee cord less than 1/4 inch in diameter or cord that contains plastic components. Use cord that incorporates solid, one piece metal hooks. Use a marine or military grade bungee that has a nylon covering.

         Improper fastening: The bag is designed with four D-rings. A metal hook from a bungee cord is attached to each D-ring in order to properly secure the bag. The bungee cord should fit snugly around the turn signals or bungee nuts (not too tight, not too loose). Do not attempt to secure the bag with just one type of fastening, or by using only two of the four D-rings. Avoid looping the bungee cord around objects that may cut, tear, or wear down the bungee cord.

  • Biker's Friend LLC, St. Charles, MO