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Back support & storage. This is simply the best motorcycle luggage of its kind.  The fully rigid core supports hundreds of pounds of pressure. It will always maintain its shape and is guaranteed not to collapse. This quality motorcycle luggage from Biker's Friend looks like leather, but is actually a synthetic material that is UV protected, mildew resistant, good to twenty degrees below zero, and has waterproof material.  Two different types of backrest pads work in conjunction with the adjustable lumbar roll for a level of back support found in no other motorcycle luggage. Outside and inside pockets offer additional storage. The Biker's Friend Saddle Bag is offered in five sizes.

Motorcycle Luggage

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Biker's Friend Saddle Bag - Quality Motorcycle Luggage

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Biker's Friend Saddle Bag



Leather Look


Two Backrests

Four Sizes

Large Pockets

Inner Pockets

Many Extras

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Motorcycle luggage and saddle bags from Biker's Friend. While this looks and feels like leather motorcycle luggage and expensive leather motorcycle saddle bags, it is in fact a synthetic, vinyl material. These motorcycle sissy bar bags are used as Harley Saddle Bags, Honda saddlebags, and as motorcycle luggage for all motorcycle cruisers. Our bikersfriend motorcycle cruiser luggage will not collapse and offers complete back support.

Why buy expensive motorcycle saddle bags that don't hold that much anyway when you can get the Biker's Friend Motorcycle luggage? Our motorcycle saddlebags can hold full face helmets in addition to numerous other items. Why spend a fortune on a new motorcycle seat or motorcycle backrest when the Biker's Friend Saddlebag is much cheaper and has more to offer. You get back support and storage with our motorcycle luggage and it costs less. Also, the lumbar support offered by the Biker's Friend cycle bag is second to none. Plus, we provide two backrest pads and all the attachment devices you need.

This is motorcycle luggage for the metric or American made motorcycle cruiser, but it also works on sport touring bikes as well.

This waterproof, round, hard core bag will never loose its shape and it offers complete back support. Backrest pads snap to a lumbar roll and are then affixed to the bag with industrial grade Velcro that is sewn to the pad and the bag. This allows the backrest to be fully adjustable. The mesh backrest pad is for hot weather while the vinyl pad is for wet weather. With four bag size choices, the Bikerís Friend Saddle Bag fits on all makes and models. Marine grade bungee is provided and other options are available to attach the bag should you not have a sissy bar.

The outside material looks like leather, but is actually a synthetic material that cleans easily, is good to twenty degrees below zero, is UV protected so it wonít fade, and is mildew resistant. Both ends of the bag open and close for easy access. Each bag has two large inner zippered pockets, two exterior pockets, and a handle. Four D-rings are securely attached to the bottom of the bag and provide several mounting options. Make sure to check out the releasable plastic ties, fender guards, testimonials and online demo.

So, if you need more storage, or donít like the look of traditional saddle bags, and like the idea of back support, check out the Bikerís Friend Saddle Bag.

If you are looking for quality motorcycle luggage or soft leather motorcycle luggage, Biker's Friend has some of the best. Get quality motorcycle luggage made of top quality synthetic leather that is sold at incredible prices. So if you want the best motorcycle soft luggage, Biker's Friend has it.

The Biker's Friend motorcycle luggage is truly the best leather luggage market today. Quality bags make long motorcycle trips more enjoyable because you now your clothes will be dry when you open the luggage up. Once you ride with their quality, hard motorcycle luggage that, you will wonder how you lived without them.

With their motorcycle luggage you wonít to settle for the undesirable look of traditional motorcycle saddle bags, and you can attach the luggage to any make or model of bike. A pleasing feature on these bags is that there are optional locks not only to people out of your motorcycle luggage, but also to keep the luggage on your motorcycle. So no longer do you have to continually keep an eye on your motorcycle when you go into a store, because you will know that synthetic leather motorcycle luggage will be there when you get back.

This synthetic leather luggage for your motorcycle is tough so people canít cut through your bag and take what you have stored. This also allows you to lean back on the on the bag and not tear the sides of the luggage.

This motorcycle luggage also has convenient inner zippered pockets. This way if you need to get something out of the bag you donít have to pull everything out of the bag because you will have different compartments to pack different items. This combined with easy access outside pockets makes this the best piece of motorcycle luggage you will ever purchase.

The bags look like high quality soft leather saddle bags, but is actually made out of high quality synthetic leather. The advantage of this is that this allows you to have stylish look of leather motorcycle luggage that is also has waterproof material. This also means our motorcycle luggage doesnít age like most leather styled luggage for motorcycles.

Whether you are large or small you will ride in comfort because the motorcycle luggage is adjustable to fit any sized motorcyclist. In addition, no matter what style of motorcycle you ride there are five different sizes of this synthetic leather luggage so it will never look awkward on your motorcycle. While it looks like soft motorcycle luggage, it is actually built around a solid core.

This motorcycle luggage has a satisfaction guarantee.

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In addition to the Biker's Friend Saddle Bag, make sure you check out our other motorcycle luggage. Our motorcycle handle bar bags come in two sizes and we offer two style of tour bags as well.

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